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How to ace a small space

These TDS customers in Birmingham have aced this small space deck build. With good planning, it’s easy to create a big feel, no matter how small your space is. To help you ace your space, here are a few tips.

  • In the design world, it’s well known that light tones can make a small space look bigger. By picking lighter decking colours, you can achieve the same effect. Savannah, Amber and Stone - as used by the customer above - all help encourage the illusion of space.

  • Using the right plants is key to making a small space look bigger. Keep in mind that wide and bushy plants can take up precious space. You can still use large plants but look for ones that allow light to filter through, making the garden appear airier. Layering your plants will also help create a sense of space. Use large, tall species at the back and lower the height and size as you come forward. This layering blurs the garden’s boundaries, adding to a greater feeling of space.

  • Scale any garden furniture to fit the size of the space. Position larger pieces of furniture around the outside to maximise the open space. Also, don’t block pathways. If furniture and accessories block the way into a garden, it will look cramped.

  • Mirrors can make your garden look more extensive and open as the reflection creates the illusion of space. Glass table tops can also reflect light, helping give your space a more open feel.

  • Creating zones is an easy way to make a small garden feel larger. Rather than use the whole space, divide it into separate spaces. Using a deck is a great way to create a distinct area in your garden.

  • Paths are often seen in large gardens, so adding one to a smaller space creates the impression that the space is more extensive. Composite Deck Boards make the perfect material for raised pathways that draw the eye through your plot and make it look longer than it actually is. They can also be used to join any separate zones, creating links that entice you to move through the garden.

  • Go up rather than out. If your garden lacks floor space, look up. Use climbers on your garden walls or fences to add greenery and plant trees at the edges that grow upwards rather than outwards. A living wall is a fantastic idea to help create more space for a deck by moving the planting off the floor.

  • Creating levels in a small garden adds instant interest; even slightly different heights will make it feel bigger. Adding a single step up to a decked area will add depth to your garden and help create those all-important zones we discussed earlier.


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