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Why Composite Decking is a great choice for families

A deck can be a fantastic addition to any house. It gives you an outdoor area to relax, gather as a family or entertain friends and extends the living space into your garden. However, they may be less attractive when you have children, and you might worry that they may not be safe or make a mess. Composite Decking allows you to sit back and relax without fearing for your children or your deck. Here we list 6 reasons why Composite Decks are a great choice for families.

1. Safe

You don't have to worry about running without shoes on a Composite Deck. Unlike traditional timber decks, Composite Decking won't crack, warp or splinter, and with our Hidden Fastening System, there are no protruding screws to catch feet or snag socks.

2. Easy-Care

You don't have to worry about spilt drinks, crumbs or dropped ice creams. Composite Decking is genuinely easy to look after. It is highly stain resistant, and all you need to keep it looking fabulous is a brush, soapy water, and a sponge or cloth.

3. Water Resistant

You don't have to worry about getting a Composite Deck soaking wet. Paddling pools and water fights are no problem on a Composite Deck. Composite Decking won't absorb water as your children play, unlike wooden decks, which can suffer consequences if soaked in water.

4. Slip Resistant

You don't have to worry about slips on a Composite Deck. Even the slightest bit of water can make wood slippery, which isn't child friendly. Our Composite Decking is grooved on one side and has a wood grain texture on the other. It not only looks great but will reduce the chances of slipping when wet. While kids should still follow the no-running rule, they won't be so much at risk with a Composite Deck.

5. Non-Toxic

You don't have to worry about harmful toxins with a Composite Deck. Whilst wood is obviously a natural product, all timber decking needs chemical treatment to keep it looking good. Those chemicals can often be a hazard to health and the environment. Our Composite Decking doesn't depend on products that can contain highly toxic volatile organic compounds, like paints, varnishes, or stains, to maintain its good looks.

6. Environmentally Friendly

You don't have to worry about your impact on the environment with a composite deck. By supporting eco-friendly products that are less damaging to the environment, you can help protect the planet for your kids' futures. At TDS, our Composite Decking is made from 95% recycled materials. We only use waste timber in its construction, which helps reduce deforestation and decreases the amount of wood that goes into landfills. Using recycled plastic in our Composite Decking means less plastic waste enters the environment. By choosing a TDS Composite Deck, you are helping reduce waste and lessening your environmental impact.


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