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An introduction to the TDS Hidden Fastener Family

Our Composite Decking Fasteners are the quick and easy solution to deliver a clean, professional finish with no visible fixings and nothing to snag feet or paws. They allow for uniform 3mm gaps between boards that provide good drainage, limiting puddling on the deck surface. The grooved edge of our Composite Deck Boards simply slots into place against the Fastener, making them straightforward to place, adjust and secure.

We also offer Starter Fasteners. These are single-sided and are used to anchor the first and last Composite Boards to the frame. Being single-sided, they are also perfect for fixing our Composite Fascia Panels.

The final member of our Fastener family is the Hidden Cladding Fastener. As the name suggests, these are specifically designed to be used with our range of Composite Cladding and provide all of the benefits of our other Fasteners.

Benefits of the TDS Hidden Fastener Family

  • Simple to place, adjust and secure

  • Ensure uniform 3mm gaps between each Composite Deck, Facia and Cladding Board

  • Allows for drainage

  • Clean, seamless finish with no visible fixings

  • Safe surface for bare feet and paws

  • Large TORX-15 screw head with a self-drilling screw

  • Weatherproof, rust-resistant stainless steel with a black zinc coating


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